Saturday, 8 December 2012

At Reshmas House

I am AJIT studying in TVM.I am a regular reader of Keralaerotica and I enjoy them a lot even though some of them are not real stories. but this incident which I am narrating is a real-life incident which happened to me when I was in class 12th. Let me first introduce the sexiest women I have ever seen in my life.She is Reshma Nair. She was my class 12th english teacher and a pretty good woman too.Her lips were the most sexiest thing I have ever witnessed.This incident took place when I was in class 12th in trivandrum.One fine day she came to our class in a black saari which almost gave every guy in our class a great hard-on. She asked us to submit a couple of assignments which were given a week before.Unfortunately I was not able to complete it.After the class I went to her and said tat I didnt bring it.She gave me a very stren look and atlast said it was ok.She asked me to submit those assignments today evening at her residence.I was pretty surprised and told her that I would submit it tommorow, but she disagreed.She said if I wont submit them today I would have to write them 5 times and give her tommorow.Finally I agreed.After school I rushed home and started completing the work.In my mind I said that today was my worst day in life... but it was not to be. At about 7:30 pm I finished my work and took my bike and flew like a bird to her home.I was in a hurry because I had promised my girlfriend tat I would meet her at 8:30 pm. As I reached her appartments, I parked the bike and went to her flat. She was staying with her room-mate, but tat day her room-mate was out of the station.I rang the bell and the moment the door was opened, I couldnt take my eyes from the MOST SEXIEST WOMAN ON EARTH.she was in a dark red short tops and black tight jeans.Her lips were red as ever and hair was let open.She gave an appealing smile tat nearly made me forget about the date with my girlfriend." COME IN... "she said very calmly with a very innocent smile." Madam, were u about to go somewhere.." I asked." No" she replied. "OK..give me ur assignments.Let me check them.." she said in a very cheeky voice.she checked and gave good remarks, even though I didnt write a couple of questions." will u have some tea Ajit... "she asked.I said "No thanks madam..a glass of water will do." As she went to the kitchen I was looking at her beautiful house decorated and maintained well.." As I was looking at the show-case, I saw a cassette named "BRENNA'S LUSTY DREAM" . I was shocked as I knew that it was a porn flick." U love watching movies Ajit... "uttered a sneaky voice from behind.She saw me holding the porn-flick.I was a little tensed and said "YES.." . "Then sit along we''ll have a nice time" she said very cheekily.In a minute she took the cassette frm my hand and played it.I was right was a porn flick as it had a warning mesage earlier." do u have a girl-friend Ajit.." she asked me." yeah.." i replied. "ohh..then u must not be a virgin by any means... "she said.This statement of her's really got me in dual minds.Meanwhile the movie stated and the first scene was a guy undressing a woman at her residence." have u done like this ever... "she asked. I said "i have not even kissed my gf... she doesnt like it.." .She eagerly looked at me and asked "do u mind doing that to me... ".I was speechless.Utterly confused.But before I could do anything... she removed her tops and hence revealed her sexyy boobs. I couldnt resist myself. I approached towards her and kissed her on her lips.we did this for about 5 mins.Then I shifted my attention towards her boobs I pressed and made squeezed her nipples and teased her... then I sucked them with a greater intensity." great Ajitjjjjjj... i m loving ittttttt... ohh... u drivin me crazyy boyy... "I then kissed her for a couple of minutes and then looked at her eyes.I asked her... "madam... u really want some hardcore stuff.." .She pulled my hair and said.." call me ....and fuck me harddd bastarddd... "I removed her jeans and those black panties.i couldnt believe she was NOT A VIRGIN... but tat only helped my cause..i kissed her cunt for a while and teased her a lott... she pleaded me to stop that and fuck her harddd... "plzzzzzzzzzz... get insidee u blooddyy... "I removed my pants and took my tool in my hand which already became a rock-solid member.I was at first afraid of inserting it as I had never done this before. But the way she was behaving... i gathered all my guts and inserted my penis in to her... It was not that easy.." ahh... yea yea yea... cmonnnnn.." she screamed... i kucked her hard and hard... i realised I was about to cum... i removed my tool and sprinkled the white hot liquid on her tits... she loved it... she then sucked my penis which really made me feel on heaven... she did that for some time... and asked me to fuck her again... i did soo... and atlast gave her a good orgasm... After all this I once again kissed her on her lips... she looked into my eyes..and said.." I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS NIGHT FOR MANY DAYS... "I looked at the clock to get a shock of my life time... it was 11'o'clock... it was too late... Reshma then told me to call at my residence and say to my parents that I would sleep at my friends home... i did soo..and parents agreed... i also called my girlfriend and said tat I wasnt able to come... she was sad and said that she missed me a lot... tat left me alone at Reshma's home tat night... TAT NIGHT WE SLEPT ON THE SAME BED AND TALKED TO EACH OTHER FOR A WHILE... THEN... atlast... i couldnt resist more and once again gave her a nice little orgasm... Next day in the class, as she came she gave a smile at my face... even my friends were surprised... after the class she said to me in front of everyone.." Ajit..u did some blunders in ur assignents... u come to my place this evening and rectify them... i have no time now.." .Even my girlfriend looked at me... and asked... "Ajit... y is she telling like hts to come to her house.." I said... "I have to practice a lottt... ".Then I told my girlfriend all that happened the other night with Reshma... she was stunned. that evening I once again told my parents that I would sleep at my friends home... and I went to Reshma's house and gave her a nice fuck... guess wat... noww... even my orthodox girlfriend allows me to fuck her... thanks all to that wonderful angel for a wonderful night... !!! any woman/girls want any help frm me in satisfying them can mail me I m a resident of Kollam now. expecting a nice feedback from all the readers.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Crush with My School Teacher

My name is Nandan from Kannur. Let me tell u about my incident in my School days. I will not call this a relation but it just happening when I was 15 years old and studying for my S.S.L.C. I lived in a small village in Kannur and our family was very conservative and talking about sex was a taboo thing those time. Even the movies with a little exposing scenes my parents never allowed me to see. Frankly I never had much knowledge of sex at that time and the information was limited to the casual talks with friends and I never had the faintest of idea what all is done during sex. Yes I knew they kiss and caress and just how intercourse is done, but I had confusion and doubts about many things of sexual act. At that time my class teacher was the wife of my father's close friend in the office and they used to stay with in a km of our house. Our family was very close and we used to visit each other for social gathering. I think she was in her late 30's or early 40's and was not that sexy but an attractive lady. She had curly hairs, tall and had an attractive face. She was having good body shape and medium complexion. She had a very attractive smile and many times I just look at her face in the class and get lost in her. She was well mannered and good in teaching and all students listened to her in the class. Since I was finding science a little difficult she told my mother she will help me with it and I used to go to her house for clearing my doubts. It went on for sometime and I got more attracted to her because I got a chance to see and interact with her more close. Some times other students also used to come to her house for tuition and we used to have joined classes also. But most of the time she took classes for me alone since I was not going for regular tuition and only for some lessons where I had doubt. She used to sit next to me and teach and many a time we made body contacts and she used to treat me as a child I felt. She used to give me snacks tea and all and we became more closer than before. On a couple of occasion when I was alone with her in the house I saw her without saree, but with only blouse and petty coat and she was least hesitant to come near me like that. She used to come near me and lean forward with her elbow on the table to explain me and I got a glimpse of her cleavage. I only glanced on a couple of occasion thinking that what she will think if she notices but I could not resist doing so in between. Also when she was in petty coat while coming bath I could see the shadow of her legs through it and her back was very sensual with a small hip but well shaped. Sometimes she used to give some work and she will go for bath telling me to finish the exercise and after wards she will come and check it after she finishes the bath. But this I noticed she did only when I was alone with her and she never did when other students are with her. At that time she will be properly dressed also. Then sexual thoughts started coming to my mind about her and one day I masturbated fantasizing her I got a unique pleasure at that time other than the normal days when I used to masturbate thinking of some other ladies in our neighbourhood. But I was too scared to do anything further. Then one day she caught me glancing at her cleavage when we were alone while explaining me a lesson and she reacted to it sharply by covering it quickly and I felt very embarrassed and afraid. If my mother come to know about it I could not think what will happen and I really sweated. She then told me a little seriously that this is not the age for such things and concentrate on my studies and also only because it was me she was behaving so close and casual with me thinking I was a good mannered boy. And she is teaching me thinking I am serious about my studies and if I am not interested it studies and if my attention is going somewhere else she need not put those efforts. I really felt guilty, ashamed and bad. I told her sorry and apologized to her and requested her not to tell my mother and was really frightened. I could not concentrate on anything else and I told her to leave me early that day since I am upset and she did so without telling me anything further. That night I could not sleep thinking how to face her again and next day I did not go telling I am not well. After two days she came to my house and I was too afraid an embarrassed to face her. But she behaved normally as if nothing happened and told me to come that afternoon and I agreed. I told I was not well for two days for which she smiled at me the meaning I and she only knew. I now was sure she will not tell my mom about it but she casually told my mother I have to improve my concentration in studies and smiled at me. I became nervous at that time but nothing more she told at that time. I went to her house that afternoon and she was alone. She taught me as if nothing happened and it went on for few days. I avoided looking at her except her face and that also only when required. Then our festival holidays started and she came one day to our house and asked my parents if I can stay for two nights in her house since her husband is going out of station for some work and her children had gone to her sisters place for holidays. Her husband had also mentioned this to my father and my parents were only too happy because she can help me with the studies. I was shocked a little how she can do such a thing but I now became clear she is not angry with me nor she does not have any mistrust on me. I went to her house that night and it was raining heavily. She started teaching me and we took dinner and she started teaching me again. It was around 10pm we almost finished our study and she told me she want to talk to me for a while and she asked why I was glancing at her like that? I was taken aback and I did not reply she came near to me held my hand and told not to worry and she will not tell anyone and neither she had not told anyone about that incident. But I was nervous which she noticed, she put off the light in that room and came and sat near me holding my hand. She asked whether I was attracted sexually to her or just looked like that? Whether I read any sex book? Whether I had seen any lady naked? I really sweated and was speechless. She told it is normal to have such feelings and I don't have to worry but I should not lose interest in studies with such thoughts. And I should masturbate and relieve myself. She asked whether I masturbate and I told yes with much hesitation. She asked me why I am hesitating and it is a natural thing for boys especially and even girls do it which was a information for me. then she asked the most embarrassing question to me that whether I think of her and masturbate?? I was shell shocked and told her no. But she raised my chin with her hand and told me to tell the truth and don't worry about it but she want a honest answer. I did not answer for long she persuaded again and again when I told yes I do. She gave a naughty smile and she asked what situation I fantasize? I just kept quiet I was too afraid what is happening but at the same time I felt the erection. She held my hand and took me to her bedroom. She did not put on the light. But in the adjoined room the light was there and I could see her clearly even though like a shadow. She told me whether I want to see her breast, this time I could not believe it. she did not wait for my answer, she removed her saree and unhooked her blouse and held me close to her. I told no by reflex action. But she told why I don't want to see it? She told it is ok and only we both will know this. I got aroused and up till now I was craving to see a lady naked. She kept my hand on her breast and told me to feel it if I want. She unhooked her bra also and stood with a naughty smile. Then suddenly she started unbuttoning my shirt and she removed it and then she felt at my trousers and she felt my erection. She whispered in my ear that I am naughty and telling I did not want but was fully prepared for it. she removed my trousers and I just stood there shocked. She embraced me tightly pressing my erection on to her belly and in one action she removed her blouse, bra and petty coat. She was not wearing any pantee and both of us was fully naked in the dark and she embraced me kissing and sucking my lips. She asked me if I have any objection and I told no and I responded by holding her tight to me and moving my hand on her back and buttocks. For a moment I could not believe what was happening but suddenly I kissed her pressing my erection on her belly. I did not know what to do? But I was squeezing her belly, back, buttocks, thighs and where ever I can. She took my mouth to her breast and told me to suck it and lick on the nipples. She took my middle finger and guided to her vagina, it was hot and slippery and she was mourning and breathing heavily and stroking my penis. Suddenly she kneeled down and took my penis and started sucking it hard. I could not believe this and such things are done in sexual act. She was doing it so fast and hard holding me close to her mouth with one hand, I could not control for long and I ejaculated in her mouth all of a sudden, she sucked hard and hard catching with one of her hand and stroking it, I mourned loudly and every drop she took in her mouth. She went on sucking and I panted and pushed her mouth out since I did not have any stamina to withstand. I felt too shy to look at her. She took me to the bed and told me to lie down and we lied down for half and hour talking. She showed me some English sex book with photo illustrations and I could not believe such poses are done for sexual act. She again started talking erotically and started stroking my penis. She asked me whether I want to see her in the light? I told yes. She then asked me how long it take me to masturbate and I told less than 5mts. Then she explained me how to do intercourse and how to satisfy women and I should try to hold more time without ejaculation to satisfy the women and all. I was surprised with all those information. She told me to fondle and caress the women a lot and do a lot of oral sex to arouse her and I was really amazed with all these. She then put on the dim light and told me to explore the body and we slowly slipped into love making under her guidance. I was thrilled and got my erection again she taught me how to guide it to the vagina, initially I had some trouble when my skin on the tip of my penis stretched and pained a little. She encouraged me and I got slowly wild and fast. I was kissing and sucking her lips, breast, caressing all over her body and the sight of her naked body made me mad I would say. Suddenly to my dismay she told she would now come on top, a total surprise for me. She came on top slowly inserted my erection into her hot and slippery vagina and started pumping sucking my lips and licking my face and told me to caress her buttocks and thighs and also to suck her breast. She went faster and faster and went on pumping so hard and talking all erotic stuff and finally fell down panting on my chest. It was really an experience and in the mean time I had ejaculated a second time. We lied down there for sometime in each others embrace and then she took me to the bath room and cleaned me with dettoll and soap and told even if I get some itching don't worry but tell her, for the first time perhaps it may happen. We had sex again in the morning and the subsequent night. Next day she told me not to go to any other lady for sex and don't get too much distracted because of this. When ever possible she will allow to do it with her. She made me promise not to go to any ladies nor tell anyone about it. She told lot of teenagers get distracted from studies because of curiosity for sex and since now I have experienced it I should not get into bad company or something. She told me to masturbate but not too much also and when ever I get too much urge tell her and she will try to have sex with her. But it did happen only once again and we never had a real opportunity again except to do oral sex, kiss and caress passionately on a few occasions. But I could never forget that experience in my life and still linger that in my mind. The first oral sex and my ejaculation in her mouth I remember even now sometimes and masturbate, even after my marriage. My wife never was able to give oral sex with such passion. She had confessed to me, ten years later once we met alone in her house, she all of a sudden felt a lust for me after she noticed I was looking at her cleavage and she is not a bad character or sex maniac. She never had any feelings for me nor for any young boys till then and looked at me as her son only. It was only a spur of the moment action and she could not explain how this idea went into her. She apologized to me if it had hurt me but I told her that she was my perfect teacher and what she taught on that night was very useful for me to get out of my sexual desires and fanatasies and I never felt the need to explore any other women, the thing I should have done if she had not done it. I know some of my friends who got into trouble experimenting with the maid servants and relatives. Since she was matured and she guided me to sex with such a perfection and without ill effects. I told I never had sex with any one else after that but I told I had fantasized her and masturbated a lot after that and it used to give me a unique pleasure. I told her I still fantasize her and masturbate. She told even though she talked harsh to me when she found I was looking at her cleavage she felt sorry for me afterwards since she knew I am a good mannered boy and slowly she felt like helping me in sex. She felt like feeling my curiosity and nervousness for sex and exploring her body and that is how it happened and once when she fantasized me while having sex with her husband she felt nice and this idea got into her. She told she was wrong in doing so and had regretted a lot and had felt guilty for long thinking that it had hurt my feelings and I was forced to do it but I told I only enjoyed it and it only helped me and please do not have any guilty feelings. Telling this I just took her in my arms and kissed her so passionately which she never expected and I told to remove all of her guilty feelings for the last time we will have sex once again. She resisted it initially but I persuaded and I had a passionate sex with her after closing the doors and windows. It was afternoon, she was a little hesitant anyone will drop in by chance. But I was so passionate for her, we both became fully naked and had sex so violently and passionately. I t lasted for half an hour. I made her come on my top and she climaxed first and then I gave my penis in her mouth for oral sex and I climaxed ejacualting in her mouth by gyrating my hips violently and squeezing her breast so hard. I then told her we will not repeat it again. Now I meet her sometimes and she greets me with a naughty smile.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Geethu my Sex teacher

I have a story to tell you people about my first sex experience with my sister-in-law. Let me explain to you about my sister-in-law she is my brother’s wife, Geeta. I used to call her Geethechi. I live with them since I was at the age of 10. She takes care of me alot; Care about my things give me a bathe and most of the time when I get bad dreams at night she slept with me. I wanna tell you about my sister-in-law body she has a one kind of body she has 38-26-38 size. I love her boobs. I used to lay my head on her boobs for my comfort sleep feel like a big round pillow. One night I still remember when she was sleeping with me she holds it my hand and put it on her boobs and try with my hand to squeeze her breasts. I didn’t know at that time what’s going on but I felt good to squeeze her huge breasts. My sister-in-law had no children. Other night I was sleeping she came to me bed and try to sleep with me and when I was sleeping she put her hands under my pajamas and hold my dick and start to rub it. I woke up and felt very good feeling i told her that I am feeling like to go bathroom. She said no you are ok you can pee at bed I will change the bed and what next she did it she put her mouth on my dick and sucks me very hard, I told her again I will pee on your mouth she said it’s ok do that. And I load it all my cum in her mouth she sucked all my cum and she said don’t worry about anything and don’t tell anything about that to anyone. And she went out to my room. I was thinking about all night long and when I got understand all that thing that was a sex with me, with my own sister-in-law. I enjoyed alot to have that kind of feeling. In the morning i went to school I was keeping thinking all day at school about last night with my sister-in-law. I went back to home and found my sister-in-law taking a shower. I asked her where are you she said she is in the bathroom. I said I have to go to pee and I can’t control it. She said ok come in and when I saw her she was putting a half way of towel around her I just got a glip of her round ass. And when I done with pee. I went out to bathroom and stay on her room to see more glips of her body. When I was waiting in her room I started to hard on and I was holding my dick with my hands. About a few minutes later she came out from the shower and she didn’t notice that I am sitting on her bed and she took off the towel around her body and I saw her big tits and hairy pussy infront of me all of the sudden when she saw me she ran to put the towel back .and said to me what I am doing in her bedroom. I didn’t answer her. And asked her that I have a question for you, sometime my this thing get very hard like a wood stick when I saw you without your clothes or when I see your breast from your clothes. Why is that happen to me? She had wrap the towel on her she said do you still have this problem right now I said yes, she said ok let me look at it. Then she unzipped my pants and took out my dick and said yes you are right it’s like wood stick let me make it num, and then she put her tongue on my dick and start to suck it while she was sucking my dick my hands start to move on to her breast and I press one of her breast. Her towel came off and she didn’t care of that start sucking me I started to squeeze her nipples and came into her mouth again she swallowed my cum. without dropping a drop of my cum. Then she said ok go on your bed I will fix a lunch for you. I went out to her room and waiting for her to come out when she came out she was wearing very light cream color shirt on and I can see her breast very clearly. I didn’t tell you I was tall guy and sister-in-law had a height about 5’4 ft and I was 5’9 at that time, When I saw her breast like that I went back to her and grab her breast very hard and I wasn’t wear a any short I was still naked my dick touched her back ass hole. She said don’t be silly it’s not a right time. I said I wanna lick your breasts she said no I said I wanna lick it right now she said no way I don’t want you to do with me. I moved her and tore her shirt and put my mouth of her left breast and hold it through with my teeth she yell at me no. I didn’t care and keep making scares on her breasts with my teeth. And i mad her to lie on the floor. Then all of the sudden I made a thought to take off her shorts which I did it at once, more what she wasn’t wearing a panties. I hold it my dick and slid into her cunt and then started to fuck her for about 10 minutes she wasn’t giving my full reply she was just trying to resist with me which make me more horny. Finally I got my way in and I unload the my cum into her cunt after when I am done she slaps on my face and ran into her room. She didn’t come out all day long till night when my brother came back to his work at night 10:00pm he went to his room find his slut wife which just had a sex with his younger brother. Anyway at night I was sneaking around their room door to see what they doing I finally got the way to see them what I see my brother try to fuck her and she resist to say I am very tried and I don’t wanna do this tonight but my brother told her she want her right now she said no again with anger my brother didn’t like her that way and he slap her face and started taking off her clothes and made himself naked with big dick hanging down and what he did he hold her from her waist and made her horsey and put the dick inside her ass and started rough ride she yell very hard that I can hear her from my room. My told her slow bitch my brother will listen you she said ok that’s fine you both are ass hole he said don’t talk about my brother that way bitch i will teach how to fuck your ass and he started riding her ass and she was keep making noises. I got an idea I yell from outside from their room What’s up is eveything ok why sister-in-law crying he said she is ok brother she had a bad today. I said i don’t think so right sister-in-law you had a good day today right. She said from inside the room i have right now night too. After that day my sister-in-law didn’t wanna see me. She didn’t even talk to me. So by the time i got graduated and moved to my own apartment. When i got my new car i went to show to my brother he wasn’t at home my sister-in-law was there , she met me with courage regarding all previous happening, I got again a glance of her breast she was wearing a thin cloth and under a bra. I said to her i bought a new car and i wanna show you she was very happy without putting any warm cloth on her body she went out to see my car there was chili out there, when we came back to house I made it again a glnce on her boobs her nipples were straighten I can see how straight her nipples were she asked me to have a cup of tea while she was making a tea I couldn’t control myself and grab her breast again from the back and squeeze her breast hard and turn her with her breast holding and tore her clothes like a wild cheetah, she said again samething no i stop there. And i saw that on her breasts she still have my teeth scares on it. She ran to her bedroom i ran back to her and slam on her door and grab her with her waist and throw her on her bed and i jumped her on and took off her shirt and hold her bra and pull it and took off her pant and pantie and put her pantie and bra in my pocket and then i undid my pant and took out my monster dick and insert her cunt she yell it and took out my dick her cunt and then force it again to her she yell it again then i took my dick out and put it back to her cunt where it belongs to. Then i started to fuck her slowly then when I was cuming i unload the load of my cum into her pussy. And then lie on her straight. She moved me back and say you did it again last time when you fucked you left your cum inside me and i got pregnant and I had to do abortion. When she was going to bathroom I saw from her ass I got up and Hold her from waist and put my dick in her ass and fucking on her ass and filled her ass with my cum. She was very happy today because I fucked her ass and pussy at a same day. I go her house to fuck her every day when my brother at work. I love my sister-in-law people ask me why I Don’t’ marry to any woman. I said I don’t need any other woman because I got a yakshi who fulfill my requirements. I still fuck her and take her breast on my mouth cut with my teeth and drink milk of her breasts. She Is gorgeous beauty I love her boobs and ass very much

Monday, 3 December 2012

A Tour with Sindhu Teacher

I am Kannan from Vadakara. I would like to tell u all guys about my encounter with my teacher. Her name Sindhu (name changed) and 32 years old, married and no kids. She is truly a sex goddess with figure of 36 24 30. Her husband travels a lot, since he is on a business network. Most of the days she used to stay alone. I was waiting for a chance to get along with her. After lengthy procedure of getting approval for our Tour. It was my strong recommendation to make Sindhu teacher as a representative of Staff to join our trip. Ours was an entertainment as well as educational trip. We had to take a night ride of about 8 hours from our town. We were total 8 members of whom 4 were boys student 3 girls students and Sindhu Teacher. Three of the boys were in love with the three girls so on the journey the arranged accordingly and I have to sit with my sexy teacher. Since it was night everyone was sleeping. At about midnight madam Sindhu put her head on my shoulder. I was happy and taking it advantage I put my arms on her shoulder and pretending to be sleep I slip my hand in such a way so that I can feel her boobs above her sari. In the morning she wake up and told me that she enjoy the sleep and my company. I was feeling happy to hear that & my heart beats as if it was a green signal for me. We reach our destination and booked our room in a hotel. There we booked 4 rooms. Two rooms with 3 beds so madam asked the 3 girls to go to one room and the other three boys to go into another room. I was given a single room. I entered the room and was surprise to see that the backside balcony was an adjutant to madam Sindhu's room. That night after dinner I went to my room and went to my back balcony. I saw madam's balcony door was open. I knocked she told me to come in. she gave a nice smile by looking at me. She was wearing a nightly. I went near her & sit by her side. She was doing some short of accounting and I told her that I would help her, she agrees and with some courage I touch her hand. She smiles and told me "you are a bad boy. You are touching my hand but at night you were touching something else" I told her that I like her. She laughed and told me that she also like me & for that region arranged me in an adjacent room. I looked her and give her kiss on her forehead. She hugged me and gave me a lip kiss. I then removed her nightly. She was in bra & panty. She then unhooked her bra. Her boobs became free I press & suck them. Since I was in night dress she then removed my dress I pushed her panty. We were in 69 positions for about 10 min. then I put her legs on my shoulder & fucked her for the whole night. She was really satisfied with my performance. Now I used to fuck her even after I left my college. I am already addicted to her. She also used to call me whenever she is alone at home. She likes to enjoy Sex a lot. And we explore all methods of enjoyment. I like the way she sits on top and pump up and down on my rod like, Its a wonderful scene with her boobs bouncing up and down. We do all this with all the lights on in the room. We like to see each other while enjoying our sex rides. Hope you all enjoyed my experiences with Sindhu teacher.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

My Sexy Susan

First of all I’d like to introduce myself to you, my name is Mathew I’m 26 and living in hyderabad. I am too a regular visitor of this site and like this site very much.We are two brothers and one sister living in a combined family system, sister is younger than me and brother is older than me and married, he is also living with us with his wife, her name is Susan and she is a dynamite, it all happen to me when my brother got a job abroad and he left for Qatar just after 3 months after his marriage. He was not willing to go but our economical situation was not very good and in order to support his family he had to go. As I already told you that we were living together, we have two portions in our house upper one is where my brother and his wife use to live and we have our rooms down stairs. My Chettathi (wife of my brother) is very beautiful, cheerful and nice lady, she was very frank with me and use to spend time with me chatting , or watching movies sometimes and all that, it was quite normal and I never thought anything wrong about our relationship. After the departure of my brother for two or three months Susan spent time very normally, but after that I noticed that she use to stare at me and started giving me mysterious smiles, I thought it was my doubt, but then one day I noticed that she is taking interest in me in a special way, she use to call me upstairs very often, and use to offer me food , drinks and other such things and love to sit near me , and tried not to miss any opportunity to have physical contact with me. I started getting aroused by such gestures from her and started looking her in a special way, she was gorgeous with a beautiful 36C size pair of tits, very tight and nice ass and white complexion with long legs and flat tummy. Most of the time she use to sit in front of me intentionally moving her saree to expose her bulging out breasts. I started masturbating a lot thinking about her, one night my parents were out to visit our relatives and I was with my sister there, and our Chettathi. My sister was chatting on telephone with her friend in another room , and I was sitting with Susan in drawing room and watching TV when suddenly power went out, and we both stood up to get candle and match box, and during our struggle , we banged in eachother, I tried to get away but she held my hand and started to caress it, I was nervous in the start, but then I also got confidence and grabbed her from behind and rubbed my now hard cock on her ass, she was also hot now , and she forced back, to get more contact, I silently kissed her neck from behind and put my hands on her belly , and she turned her face and kissed me on lips , I got out of control and started kissing her neck, face , lips like mad. She started moaning and placed my hands on her rock hard tits , it felt so good that I threw her on the sofa and started moving my hand from her face to her legs and when I tried to touch her inside her thighs, she placed my hand on her pussy , from above her saree. It was the greatest feeling of my life, and I placed my hand under her jacket and touched her tits above her bra, I wanted to put off her clothes , but she remind me that my sister was at home and power can be back any moment too !!! So we decided to put it till next time and started kissing and hugging eachother, suddenly my sister called from other room , and we departed and I lit the candle. Then my sister came and we were sitting there, Susan was looking at me with strange smile and happiness, it went like this for a few days and we didn’t get any chance for real action, except kissing, and hugging each other when nobody is around, like in kitchen and out side bathroom etc. But we both were looking for something more , and we eventually planned for it, we all have to go to a wedding ceremony one day and she decided that she’ll refuse to go there making any lame excuse and she’ll stay at home, and I must come home before my parents or something like this , anyway we went to wedding ceremony, and the ceremony was dragging as usual, so I told my parents that I have a friend very near to the wedding hall, and I’ll be back before the the funtion starts. So I quickly got a Taxi and reached my home , Susan was waiting for me , and as soon as I entered the home , she started kissing me , and I lifted her in my arms and took her to my bedroom, she was wearing a light pink transparent nightie and black bra under it , and looking stunning. Now without wasting any time I put off her nightie and mine too, I was shocked to see her huge tits , I unhooked her bra and those beautiful tits were in my hand , I felt her nipples getting hard by the touch of my fingers, I started kissing her and moving my hand down to her petticoat, and I opened her pavada (petticoat)too, she was not wearing anything underneath, so I placed my hand on her pussy lips, she opened her legs a bit to give me full access to her pretty pussy, I parted her pussy lips with my fingers and placed a finger inside , she stooped kissing me and started moaning, she closed her eyes and gave me a huge hug, pressing my chest against her bare tits , I felt her hard nipples against my cheat and then she garbed my hard cock in her hand and asked me to take it out of my petticoat, I did it within no time and she sat down on her knees and started sucking my cock, It was my very first experience and I was on seventh heaven. I placed my hands on her head and she started giving me a great sucking , then I after some time she asked me to kiss her pussy lips , I had no experience but have seen in movies , so I stared kissing and sucking her down there, she was out of control now , screaming and asked me to lick her pussy and to put my tongue inside , I did the same and she was calling me kuttaaaaa, mooneeee, and kissing me , I was enjoying her sounds. Then I placed my rock hard cock on her pussy lips and rubbed it on them , she asked me to fuck her quickly, and to give all my cock to her, I put it in, with a strong thrust and it was very tight, I had to thrust even harder to enter her pussy, she was screaming loudly, oh, aammeee , aah, ooooooohhhhhaaaaa, and I was enjoying all tis , then suddenly I felt that I was coming so took my cock out and came all over her tits and belly. She opened her eyes and gave me a big smile and said , "hey yours is bigger than chettan’s one, and more pleasureable, i want u more and more". She look very sexy with her drowsy eyes looking hungrily at me. I really wanted to fuck her again. But my parents will be waiting at the wedding hall. She went to bath room and I also cleaned up and put on my clothes, and I left the home after giving her a full kiss on her lips and promised her to fuck her again very soon. After that day I have fucked her for a dozen times so far and we are still enjoying all this (including yesterday night), but she’ll be going to Qatar very soon to live with my brother, I’ll miss her very badly.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Nandini Teacher

"All right class, since college's out in three minutes, you can use this time to chat. The assignment is to read pages 52 to 63 and write a response to it." That was me, Miss Nandini Hari; English teacher and ordinary nice person. I am 23 years old and have been teaching since I graduated from college was about three years ago. I have black hair that goes down to the small of my back. I'm about 5'7" and a little bit under weight. I don't think I'm very pretty, but that's not what other people say. The bell rang and everybody jumped up from their seats. Neena Menon, a very attractive young woman of 18 came up to me. Now, I am not the kind of person who cares about rumors very much, but I had heard from other people that Neena was a very loose girl. That doesn't particularly strike me as funny, but I always giggle like mad whenever I think about it. I tried to keep a straight face as I asked her what she needed. "Miss Hari?" "Yes?" "Could I, stay after college today and work with you. I mean, you know how my grades are pretty bad and everything... "She trailed off and looked at me hopefully with her baby browns. Now that was only half true. While she had a 'C-' if she didn't turn in this project that we were working on, her grade drop to a very definite 'F.' "Of course Neena. What do you want to work on?" The door clicked shut as the last person left the room. Neena was wearing a tight cream salwaar kharta embroidered with gold strands and white dupatta. She had a v-neck on the kharta that exposed abit of cleavage at the top when she leant forward. Her black hair was pulled back into a simple ponytail. If you looked more closely at the v-neck, you could see her black bra poking out over her generous breasts. We sat down at two of the desks and got to work. She was a smart girl and seemed to pick up stuff pretty well. When I asked her what she was doing for our class project however, she blushed and said that she hadn't started on it yet. After about half an hour of work, she winded up standing over me on my left side with her right arm around my shoulder. I turned to say something to her and got a generous look down her salwaar. I moved, or tried to, but I was already pushed back against the backrest of the seat. She moved quickly and I found myself with her sitting directly in my lap. Each of her legs were straddling my lap and she had her hands around the back of my neck. She leaned forward and whispered into my ear with the sexiest voice I have ever heard. "Miss Hari, is there any other way I can get an 'A' in your class?" With that, she leaned back and took off her salwaar. I got my second look at her bra. It was fairly lacy with about three fourths coverage. I could see her nipples underneath the black fabric. They were an erotic dark chocolate color. She let go of her salwaar and it wafted gently to the floor. She grasped the back of my head and pushed it to her chest. "Miss Hari?" She queried, "If I make love to you, will you give me an 'A' in your class?" I tried to say something but my throat was so dry that I could only manage a feeble nod. I could smell the perfume on her chest and could hear her heart thumping away. The smells and sounds were really turning me on. It was amazing how such little things gave such extreme responses.She climbed off me and tugged on the straps of her bra. Her fleshy breasts jiggled in a wonderful little dance. She told me to go and sit in my chair with my legs parted. I went as she commanded, feeling my nipples become stiff with apprehension. She set me down and started to unravel my saree. She kissed her way closer to my waistline. When she got to where the saree was tucked into my petticoat she grasped it in her hands and pulled it out completely. Now my saree was hanging open and I was completely exposed save for my bra and below my waist.She pushed my petticoat up so it was all around my belly button. I felt suprised to see myself slightly wet. Neena grasped my filmy bikini underwear and tugged at it. It slid easily over my legs and down to my ankles. She told me to hold her tits. I was trembling since I have never had an experience like this before. I slid my hands down her shoulders and cupped her breasts in my hands. I was amazed to see how erect her nipples were and the wonderful feeling it was to have another woman's private parts in my hands. It appeared she was enjoying this more than I was. Now, I don't have a whole lot of pubic hair. I keep it trimmed very short in a little diamond shape. This seemed only to please my student even more. She looked up at me and gave out a very evil grin. She stuck her tongue out tenderly and licked the top of my pussy just above the hair line. Oh god what a feeling, I made a light moan and grabbed her breasts without control. She entered me and lightly probed around. It appeared she had done this before. It was an amazing feeling. I could feel this tensing muscle inside me, probing. Sometimes it would harden, and sometimes it would just lick. There was a slight tingle inside my womb as I could feel the beginning of an orgasm but it was about a good five minutes away. I wanted her so badly and I moaned, willing for her to continue. "Suck me, "I said. "Take my clit and rub it." Silently she obeyed. She hadn't left my pussy since she had first entered it. I was very close to coming now. Just a few more strokes with the tongue and I would be over the edge. Past the point of no desirable return. I told her that I was about to come and she just went faster. Faster. Oh my how dare she go faster? It was not fair that a person of such youth should be able to make women come so powerfully. Yes, and powerful it was, for when I came, I thrust my hips upward so as to force every bit of her mouth inside me. She made a little giggle as my sweet juices rained down on her. I have tasted my juices before for other men but have never had another woman taste them. "Do- do they taste good?" I moaned. My clit was still hard and I wanted to come again. "Yes, "she whispered. "They are delicious. But you are all wet, I must clean you." With that she dove into me again. I don't think that I will ever get over that feeling of complete and total ecstasy that I felt when she pushed her wet tongue into my crack. Unthinkingly, I took my left hand and placed it on her nipple. I remember being so suprised because it was the hardest thing I have ever felt except for maybe a rock. That single nipple was such a turn on itself. I took that solitary nipple with my forefinger and thumb and pressed it. She gasped inside me, letting the air in her lungs out in a big whoosh. I felt that hot air go inside me and just marveled at the fullness of it. I wanted that again so I took my other hand and did the same thing with her other nipple. Now I had two bits of erotic stone captured between my fingers. I took those pieces of rock, and I yanked on them. Inside me, Neena screamed. I tugged on those two nipples, pulling her forward into my pussy. She came forward eagerly and gummed into my clit. I mean this literally. She pulled her lips over her teeth and bit. Then, when it was firm between her lips she licked the tip of it that was in her mouth. Oh that brought me over the edge so fast. I came, practically ripping her nipples off her chest. Over and over the feeling of unrelenting pleasure flew throughout my body. I could taste the sweat running down my face and into my mouth. I could feel my ass gliding over the seat from the juices and sweat mixing to form a wonderful lubricant. Oh my yes, and I could feel her moaning. Moaning inside me, begging for me to keep pulling her nipples. I took those nipples, and I pulled them up to my mouth. There was a tiny protest from Neena that she was supposed to be pleasuring me, but that quickly stopped when I closed my mouth over her puckering nipple. Protests turned to whimpers, whimpers to gasps, and gasps to screams as I forced her orgasm without even touching her pussy. Now you might ask, where were her fingers while I pleasured her left breast? Well, my dear, those wonderful fingers were inside me probing and forcing me to keep licking her tit. Pleasure her I did, for I didn't stop licking her for an instant.We slipped and slided over my chair, and winded up on the floor, kissing each other so passionately. Our pussy hair rubbed against each other's and we pressed them together willing the exchange of juices to take place. I wanted to come again. I told her to make me come or I won't give her an 'A'. She moaned back to me that she didn't even care about the grade anymore, she just wanted to fuck me. She laid down on her back and opened her mouth. Her tongue, glistening with my spit and juices more than her own saliva, was licking her lips suggestively. I got on all fours and lowered myself into her. Facing her pussy, I desired to watch what happened to her as she orally fucked another woman. From the sight of it, her pussy enjoyed it as much as I did. It was hard to keep my eyes open with the pleasure I was receiving. She moved her legs around, letting her juices flow out of her and soak my carpet. Soon, I couldn't take the sight anymore. I leaned forward and put my mouth over her soaking slit. As I kissed her wonderful sex for the first time, I heard her scream and felt her arch her back. I saw her clitoris practically fly out of her slit to greet me. "Suck me!" screamed her clitoris, "suck me now!!!" I was almost too happy to oblige. I sent my mouth downward, and entered her. As I stuck my tongue into her pussy, I felt a wonderful swelling and soon my mouth was full of sticky sweet juices. I had made a girl come! Oh god that was more a turn on than anyone can possibly imagine. I didn't stop there however, while I was impossibly close to coming myself, I wanted her to have mutual satisfaction. We must achieve orgasm at the same time. I know it is so, it is written in the books. So plunge into her I did. Relishing our sixty-nine and making it work. A while later, it could have been thirty seconds it could have been three minutes, both of us were bucking wildly forcing our tongues farther and farther into each others pussy. We came so hard that I was suprised someone in the college didn't hear. She got an 'A+' on her report card.

Friday, 30 November 2012

Lalitha She was very tasty

 Hi I am Rajan [my pet name is Raj] narrating here a real incident, which happened during December 2003. I hope you will like it. I am not that much good in English even though I used to write telugu short stories in school magazines. So pardon me for the grammar mistakes occurred here. I just tried to translate my feelings into English, but if it is not correct sorry for the same. I am expecting the valuable comments and suggestions of readers. So if you can spend little time to e-mail me I will be happy. Inviting frank comments from every body [I mean both sex] Just find here my e-mail address: >>>>>> Lalitha, my teacher was very tasty. I enjoyed Lalitha, my sexy teacher and of course she too enjoyed me. This happened last year December. I was 18 year old and was in studying when it happened. I am from Malappuram. Kerala .My teacher, Lalitha was aged 24 was from southern part of Kerala. Couples of months ago, when she came to my school as a teacher, my aunty, a teacher in the same school, asked my mother to accommodate her also in our house since it was very big. My father expired years ago. All of my two sisters were married and my two brothers were also out in various places in Gulf with their job. She was staying on the first floor near to my room and mother in ground floor. Lalitha was from a middle class family. I was little poor in Mathematics even though I got 87.5 marks for S.S.L.C. She had got pressure from my mother that, to take tuition for me. She agreed to that and every day after school hours. She has a great personality but she is reserved especially to boys like my age. I used to read some sexy magazines which I used to get from my friends and seen so many perfectly shaped sexy ladies naked in that and in some fashion magazines and they were talking about the perfect figure. Let me say something about my teacher Lalitha. Her measurement read 34"-24"-36". She had a good body shape and medium complexion. Her biggest assets were her perfect boobs of 34D size and equally big buttock of 36 inches. Really they looked huge due to her slim figure and those perfect mounds were just jutting down in her tight blouse and were pointing straight outwards. Wow! She was looking damn sexy with her nice small waist and in that with a deep erotic navel. Sometimes I got a rare glimpse of that deep navel along with the golden chain [aranjanam which she used to wear at home only] around her waist. That deep navel was my weakness after watching the film Rathinirvedam, which is released in 1978,many years before my birth. There were so many sexy scenes of Jayabharathi in that film. I am writing this because recently I have seen that erotic photos of famous Malayalam Film ”Rathinirvedam”, which made thousands mad by just thinking of her again in in Internet. Thanks to Bharathan, Padmarajan and Supriya Films for making such a nice movie. So there are so many persons even now thinking about that fantastic film. Moreover she showed her magnificent body very liberally in all films like Alauddinum Abdutha Vilakkum, Alibabayum 41 Kallanmarum, Itha Ivide Vare, Vadakakkoru Hrudayam, and Palattu Kunhikannan etc without any hesitation. I used to watch this film in my computer [I secretly copied this from one of my brother’s private collection when he left it on his table by mistake during his last vacation.] Slowly all my fantasies were linked actresses like Jayabharathi, Srividya, and Bhanupriya etc. I know that Jayabharathi and Srividya may aged around 50 and Bhanupriya around 35 now. But my fantasies were related to their old films since I have a collection of their old pictures in my computer, which I got from internet. I also had a good body since I was going for swimming regularly in our private pool [Tharavadu Kulam] and used to play shuttle badminton in our court. Lalitha had a very attractive smile and many times I just look at her face and get lost in her. She had taken Msc.M.Ed and used to take classes up to 10th.Since she is very good in Math’s, she used to help in this since I have this group as Main. It was going on smoothly, she used to teach me and I got more attracted to her because I got a chance to see and interact with her more closely. Slowly she became very friendly with me. She discussed many matters like films, computer etc.with me. Our compound was very big and we used to walk during evening time there. While we were going around in that big compound, she used to pick jasmine flowers from the bottom of a jasmine tree. While bending to pick flowers I used to get a better vision of her perfect pairs when she was in Skirt and Blouse. Many times I remembered “Rathinirvedam”. Slowly I got attracted to her very much, but I hidden all my feelings in my heart since she was my teacher. Most of the time we were alone at my home since she was staying in First floor. She used to sit next to me and teach and many a time we made body contacts and she used to treat me as a little brother and we became closer than before. But sorry to say that my feelings became extremely different from her. While teaching she used to come near me and lean forward with her elbow on the table to explain me and I used to get a glimpse of her deep-valleyed cleavage. I only glanced on a couple of occasions thinking that what she will think if she notices but I could not resist doing so in between. Also when she was in skirt while walking back I could see the shadow of her long legs through it and her perfectly shaped buttocks bouncing up and down. Sometimes she used to give some equation or problems and she will go for bath telling me to finish the exercise. After wards she used to come and check it when she finishes the bath. At that time she will be in a bath towel. But I noticed that she did this only when I was alone with her and she never did when my mother was at home. Then sexual thoughts started coming to my mind about her. One day I masturbated fantasizing of making love with her and I got a unique pleasure at that time other than the normal days when I used to masturbate thinking of some actresses like Jayabharathi, Srividya, Bhanupriya etc. But I was too scared to do anything further. Then one day she caught me glancing at her cleavage, when we were alone while explaining me an equation and she reacted to it sharply by covering it quickly and I felt very embarrassed and afraid. If my mother comes to know about it I could not think what will happen and I really sweated. She then told me a little seriously that this is not the age for such things and concentrate on my studies and also only because she was behaving so close and casual with me thinking that I was a good mannered boy. One day she worn skirt and long type jumper [Pavada] only [Normally she used to wear a half saree also in house] and was sitting on marble floor of Dining room and helping my mother to prepare lunch and I came there to drink a glass of water from Fridge. I got a beautiful glimpse that perfect pairs. But she never knew that, I was watching her round shaped breasts through her lower cut jumper. Really it was a beautiful scene since she had no bra inside. In my fantasy I used to masturbate of thinking her perfect round shaped boobs, buttocks and deep navel. I was very sure that my dreams would not come true because she was my teacher and 7 years elder than me. I had just turned and had quite a strong imagination, which allowed me to create beautiful fantasies related to her. I was fairly good in my choice of fantasy. But I always favored older women and especially actresses at least 7 or 10 years aged than me like Jayabharathi, Srividya, Geetha, Unnimary, and Bhanupriya of south Indian films. In fact, most of the time, my fantasies were based around my loving teacher Lalitha since she had a perfectly shaped body and very much-resembled Rathichechi of film”Rathinirvedam”, especially when she used to wear skirt and blouse during holidays. One day afternoon I was alone in my house and was reading one good sex magazine, which I got from one of my friends. In that in a story a boy aged 16 was seduced by his tuition teacher and that boy was referring the hot scenes of famous Malayalam movie”Rathinirvedam” to her teacher while making love. Really those scenes were terrific and I was dreaming that teacher is my Lalitha and boy me. That day nobody was there except Lalitha and me since Mother left to attend a marriage. Since She was there and had a plan to take me to her house during Christmas vacation, Mother told me to stay there. After reading this story I become so hot and thought of watching the film in my computer. I kept the book on my computer table and taken the CD from the hidden place and started to watch it since she was checking the answer papers of students. I was watching that erotic scenes again and again and forgot that she was there in my house. She came to my room but I have not known that since door was behind my chair. She noticed that I was watching sexy scenes in that film again and again by going back to those erotic scenes. When I came know regarding her presence I was totally worried to see this and got scared of thinking about the consequences of this incident. I begged her not to tell this incident to my mother. I couldn't get time enough to hide the book and CD was in computer. She noticed the sex magazine and taken it along with the CD from computer. I was totally upset to see this and got really scared of thinking about the consequences of this incident. I begged her to hide this incident from my mother and return the book to me. But she was not ready to do that. She has taken that book as well as CD to her room. I was shocked literally and went out to get relaxed. After three four hours I came back home and had my bath. Around 8 O’ clock she come back from her room and asked me to keep the book and CD very safely. I am much surprised to hear that. I assumed that, she might have gone through the almost all pages of that book and especially read that story of seducing a young boy of my age and might have seen the film also. She given some problems in Math's and went for bath. After bath she came to my room in a nightgown. She stood very close to me in the way of pretending to watch the math's problems, which I am working on. I could smell her sweet sandal smell since she used sandal soap. I could smell her sweet sandal smell since she used sandal soap. A young boy and beautiful lady with a terrific body near him what will happen? But I controlled myself since she was my teacher. We took dinner and it was around 10pm and she told me that she want to talk to me for a while .She asked why I was watching her nowadays in a different way. I was taken aback by her question and I did not reply. She came near to me held my hand and told not to worry and she will not tell my mother about that incident. But I was nervous which she noticed; she came and sat near me holding my hand. She slowly put her hands through my shoulder with very friendly and covered my face and whispered in my ears "Raj, do you want to get seduced by me like the boy in Magazine?" I was stunned to hear that since I never expected such a move from teacher because she was always strict to me. She asked,"Raj tell me sincerely, are you attracted sexually to me like the Pappu to Rathi Chechi?" I hesitated to answer but she insisted to be frank and promised me she won't tell this to anybody. I said,” Yes Chechi .You look very Sexy". "Did you ever see a lady naked???" was her next Question. "No", was my reply. Then She asked," I hope you masturbate when you feel aroused. Isn't it? .“ I really sweated and was speechless. She told it is normal to have such feelings and I don't have to worry but I should not lose interest in studies with such thoughts. I told, "Yes", with much hesitation. She told me that I should masturbate and relieve myself. She asked me why I am hesitating and it is a natural thing for boys especially and even girls do it. Then she asked the most embarrassing question, "Do you masturbate by thinking about me? ", really I was shocked by hearing this but told her "No". But she covered my face with her hand and told me to tell the truth and don't worry about it and she wants really honest answer. I did not answer for long she persuaded again and again when I told, "Yes I do. I'm sorry to say but I am always fantasizing about you as Rathi Chechi in Rathinirvedam.” " I answered. Really it was 100% true. After this answer I felt very relaxed and free with her. She gave a naughty smile. What is happening was quite unbelievable for me but at the same time I felt an erection inside my shorts. Suddenly she just give a kiss on my forehead by telling.” Naughty boy, wait for a while.” And left the room. She left my bedroom and I again thought of the sweet incidents of that day and thought of masturbating by thinking about her. After some time I heard that she was calling me from her room. I entered the room and she was lying-in that double cot bed and her dress was same like Rathichechi in that film. But Lalitha Chechi is dressed much sexier than Rathichechi. Her perfectly shaped thighs were hardly covered by sari. White sari was very transparent and I have seen her round shaped breasts also. The deep navel was very clearly visible since it was not covered by sari and the shape and depth of it made me really crazy and the golden chain lying over the navel made the scene more erotic. Her love triangle was covered with part of sari. I could see her nipples were in erected position and they stood proud in the center of chocolate colored areolas. Total scene was really erotic and a boy aged 16 was enjoying this for the first time in his life. I was loosing my consciousness. She called me to sit near her bed. She was lying with closed eyes. I slowly removed the sari from her body and for the first time I was watching a naked young lady and really was in seventh heaven. She had a terrific perfect body. I have seen that love triangle between the well-shaped thighs and it was covered with soft silk hairs. I was losing my conscious because this scene was terrific. My cock was trying to get separated from my body and enter her like a missile. I got fully aroused by now and really mad to see a lady naked. She kept my hand on her breast told me to feel her juicy melons with really erected nipples. I pinched my body because still I couldn’t believe that it is real. WOW!!! What a beauty!!! I was again thrilled to see the most beautiful figure. She was eagerly waiting for me and whispered in ears " Raj, I am ready for you take me my sweet boy and do what you like.” I turned her to enjoy her perfect buttocks .Her back was beautiful! Smooth and creamy. I pressed her down on the bed with my body, kissing her back, shoulders and neck passionately. Her ass was beautifully curved and round. It was soft, smooth and D shaped. I patted a few times on that perfect butt. She gave a sigh of pleasure, "Ohhhhhhh... Hmmmmm." I put my lips on her buttocks and a sudden shiver went through her body when I kissed there. My lips drowned in the soft mound. I put several passionate kisses on that perfect pair of butt. Then I placed a hand on Lalitha's buttocks. I began to massage those beautiful tender butt cheeks. She started to moan in a louder and more urgent voice, "Ummmm... Hmmmmm. Aaaahhh..." I put my tongue there and began licking. She couldn't hold her ass still. She began to shiver. I was massaging her butt while licking. Then I moved, licking all of her smooth creamy back. I turned her around again and grabbed her by her neck. I kissed her on the lips, so passionately, that she wrapped her arms round my neck and pulled me tightly against her. My tongue explored her mouth. It was a very nice feeling and I didn't know how long we were kissing each other. I wanted to do it very slowly, as I had the luxury of time. I started kissing her cheeks. I kissed her throat and bit her ears. I started slowly caressing her breasts one by one. I was kissing on her neck and shoulder while my hands played with her breast. I closed my eyes and started enjoying. My fingers were gently caressing and pressing her rosebuds. Then I started tickling her nipples. While doing that, I made her raise her arms over her head. Now her wide soft creamy armpit was in front of me. I wondered how an armpit could be so beautiful. It was so clean-shaven that it seemed that no hair has ever been there. I got my nose near her left armpit. It had a divine odor there. I inhaled the killing sexy fragrant of her and went crazy. I began licking that armpit of hers. It felt so good! I kissed and licked her both armpits in turn. She was mesmerized in pleasure. Then I started to squeeze her breasts with my palms, caressed her nipples with my tongue, and made them wet with my saliva. I sucked Lalitha's nipples, taking one nipple in my mouth at a time. Her boobs were firm, yet they were so soft in my hands. The mounds of her boobs filled my hands and overflowed. I said, "You are so beautiful, Lalitha Chechi! I love you. I love your boobs. They are so beautiful." I could feel her nipples hardening and growing erect in my mouth. She really loved to have her nipples sucked, and she was emitting moans of pleasure, "Ahh, ahh, suck my nipples, Raj." I sucked, squeezed her boobs harder. I joined the two boobs together and took both nipples in my mouth together and sucked. "I love it. Call me Lalitha only. Here I am not your Chechi [sister]. I am your lover." cried Lalitha. "You are my love, Lalitha", I said, and then I bit her boobs and her nipples. My hands were crushing that twins and I was surprised to find out how soft those perfect twins. She was hissing like a snake. I made dental and nail bruises on that twins and slowly my lips traveled down to that deep navel. It was perfectly shaped and deep. In my dream I always licked it and now it is fully in front of me do what I like and I licked her whole belly with special attention to that deep erotic navel. I kissed her navel, tickled it with my and buried my face in her midriff. I probed my tongue in her deep navel and tickled it. She squirmed. I licked her deep navel for minutes and the smooth skin around it. My hands went on her long and shapely thighs, gently massaging and kneading the smooth creamy flesh while licking the beautiful flat belly. Her voice got a little louder, "aaaaaaaahhhhhh, my sweet boy. You are killing me", she moaned, her eyes close and head going from side to side. My face and hands began to play between the innermost areas of her legs, massaging her pussy until she become too hot. I moved her knees up and outwards until she was completely spread. I almost came just from the sight of her now fully open cunt and I planted my lips between them. Her juices tasted lovely and I felt really happy being between the legs of this beauty. (Note from Kerala Erotica : Try to become a master in Oral sex, women wont leave you if you know exactly how to perform it. Its not just licking & sucking, learn it from a professional for free, download the Free Sex guide from in this site and make your love life more exciting) She started shivering again while quiet moans escaped her lips. I could see her face getting red and a look of lust and satisfaction was on her face. Her stomach muscles began to tighten and her head rose off the pillow. Her movements indicated that she was going to have a perfect orgasm and that did indeed happen when I licked her clitoris a little extra. She reached down to pull my face deeply against her cunt. Her hips bucking uncontrollably, she groaned loudly as a terrific and perfect orgasm washed over her. Lalitha let out a small scream, and her slender body shivered heavily. She lay there a moment catching her breath. I moved my mouth down to her opening and caught the little extra that escaped her pussy. I licked them clean as Lalitha recovered. "Baby, that was so good and more than the lovemaking I had with my friend Geetha." she said. I felt really good about being able to bring my sexiest teacher to an orgasm, and she had certainly enjoyed it. Then suddenly she looked at my trousers and she saw my erection. She whispered in my ear that I am naughty and telling I did not want but was fully prepared for it. She removed my trousers and I sat there in my underwear, squeezing her melons with my both hands. She embraced me tightly pressing my erection on to her belly. I felt her huge tits pressed against my chest and my cock grew even harder when I thought of the pleasure awaiting me. Total scene was really erotic. God, how many times had I imagined a scene like this? A hope to get what I had been dreaming for months, to explore the sexy body of my sweet teacher Lalitha. Suddenly she pulled me to the bed and started showering kisses and she has taken my lips to her mouth and it was wonderful feeling. Her tongue was traveling inside my mouth. Her lips reached my chest and she swallowed the erected nipples. She bites them and her tongue was circling it. Slowly her wet mouth traveled down and it reached my abdomen. "I want you, Raj." Lalitha moaned quietly as she thrust her pelvis towards my hardening cock. "I want to feel that really big cock you've got growing in your crotch between the tightness of my virgin pussy," she moaned and I took the message she was sending, moving into instant action. She began exploring between my legs and tried to outline my cock over my shorts and feeling my hard on. Then she broke the kiss, gave me a lusty look and getting into a sitting position and she taken my cock in her hand and it was pulsating in her hand like a hot iron rod. Her soft little hands were playing with my cock. She gripped my cock and I was about to explode right then. I caught her from the waist and hauled her up in my arms, crushing her tight breasts against my chest and kissed her full on her lips again, drawing and sucking her lips into my mouth probing her mouth with my tongue, engaging her tongue with mine in a duel. She slowly taken my face in her hands and delicately moved her tongue inside my mouth, exploring and arousing me with every movement of her tongue. For at least ten minutes, all we did was kiss in a very slow and passionate way. It was a dream come true for me. I never had sex before and it was only a dream for me till I met her. I have never thought of being so much lucky to get Lalitha, my fantasy lady. The lovely, real round, very firm breasts were standing out like two hills with light brown colored areolas and erect nipples with their crowning glory. Lying nearly on top of her, I started kissing those soft, sweet lips. I lowered my mouth to her neck and began nibbling lightly. I felt Lalitha's body becoming moist and sweaty. Very slowly, I lowered myself to her young breasts and took a nipple in my mouth. But she gently denied me from moving further and laid me in her bed. "What are you thinking?" I whispered to her. "It is really a nice thing." she replied. Seeing her looking at my prick with a cute smile, I blurted," Please Chechi.take it as you likes. It is yours. Yours only". Then she has taken my throbbing cock. It's now pulsating in her hands. In one word-massive and rigid like an iron rod. Then she taken my cock in her hand and it was getting bigger and bigger. She started showering hot kisses in my pulsating cock and asked me “Raj, my boy. Is it all yours?” Still she couldn’t believe that I have got such a big cock. She was watching it much curiosity because it was her first experience also and she was showering with kisses and it now almost 6” long and rigid like a steel rod .She become really mad since it was her first experience and never expected such a big cock for a boy aged 16. [During one of our wildest lovemaking sessions she measured it with a scale it was exactly 6.5”and she told me that it is a real gift to me since it will take every woman to the extreme pleasure. But she also told me that it is not length, but the foreplay is more important to take to a woman to perfect pleasure.] She cuddled it and again and again told"Raj.It is big. Really big. I never thought that boys like you would have such a big cock". She took it in her hands and wrapped her fingers completely around it and licked it. She sucked gently on the head and licked it up and down, also massaging my balls. Her luscious lips landed on the big purple head of my dick and I experienced a sweet kiss on it. A sudden shiver went through my whole body. Then she began to play with my balls, massaging them and softly squeezing them. Feeling this sexy beauty's hands on my balls, I was in heaven and began to moan loudly. She was holding a larger part of my prick outside and with her other hand, she was alternatively raking my balls with her fingernail and also massaging them, giving me a wonderful sensation. Then she started to tease me by licking my shaft up and down and all over, but avoids the head. She licked under the ridge of the head, but did not take the head in her mouth. Then she licked all the way down to the base of my shaft and took my balls in her mouth, one at a time and sucked on them softly. All of a sudden, she took it in her mouth and twirled her tongue around it. She tightened her grip on the back of my leg trying to get a hold of her. She moved her head in close, parting her pout lips. She pushed them down. I let out a little gasp as Lalitha's lips touched my skin, my cock flexed again, some pre-cum was forming on the tip, and my dick was aching. She bent in closer to my thigh, her breasts rubbing against the inside of my shin. She was sucking hard, her wet lips pressed tightly to my leg, she pressed her tongue, felt her breasts rubbing against my lower leg. Her sensitive nipples hardened because of it. She unconsciously moved her other hand a little further up the back of my leg, cupping the bottom of my ass cheek. She took her lips away from my swollen lump, but ran her hot, wet tongue over it, leaving a trail of saliva behind. "Ohhhhhhh". She really couldn't help herself, the little moan escaped from her lips as she looked over her lover's cock. She was rubbing her hand over my back and nails were making dental marks on it... I ran my hand through her hair. I moved my hand to the back of her head and lightly took hold of her hair, pulling her up slightly to the level of my cock, her full, red pout lips were barely an inch away from my cock as it jerked about, waving in front of her face, the pre-cum dribbling down the front of the full cock head. She opened her mouth, and ran her tongue along my cock head, licking the white sperm from it. She raised her hand and gripped my cock shaft tightly. She tugged on it, moving her hand back and forth, more pre-cum appeared on the tip and again she shot her tongue out and licked away the white droplets. It was feeling great. Next she engulfed me shaft entirety into her mouth, deep-throating me all at once. I was really excited but I just stayed just like that, as my whole shaft was inside Lalitha's mouth and I was wondering how she swallowed such a big cock. I started to moan as she slowly started to lick the head while it was still in her mouth, ringing around the ridge, flickering at the pee hole. Then she started to move towards the top and suck gently. She slowly moved my thick cock in and out of her mouth in long strokes, sucking softly and in the spots, which I liked best. I started to grow even bigger in her mouth. She was sucking my cock with great favor. I was in heaven. She was doing this with great care and taste. She got my Dick in to her mouth fully until her throat. Her hands were working on my balls. My hands were working hard on her breasts. I was tuning her nipples."Ohhhh.My God" I moaned as she ran her tongue along the shaft and back again. She started to lick the head, probing my pee hole with her tongue in a sensual way that really turned me on. She was now vigorously licking my shaft, cupping my balls in her free hand. She had taken the full shaft into her mouth and was concentrating on the top of my dick. She moved slowly at first then quickened the speed, using her hand at the base of my shaft. I was fully wet with all the saliva that was dripped down my cock and from Lalitha's constant licking and sucking. She then started to move her hand up and down in pace with her mouth, giving me a hand job and blowjob at the same time, exciting me even more. I pushed her head towards my dick. She opened her mouth wide and took my huge cock into her mouth again. She felt it hit the back of her throat almost and she started to suck on it extremely hard, her hand moving back and forth as she did. She closed her eyes tight, tasting my hot prick as she ran her tongue across the bottom of it. "Uuughhhh Dear! Suck it", I urged, my dick pulsing in the mouth of the most beautiful girl on earth. I gripped the back of her head tighter as she eagerly sucked my cock, bobbing her head back and forth in a fast rhythm. She wasn't thinking about anything else but sucking my cock. She gripped my cock tighter, working it faster. It was too much for me. I looked down, watching Lalitha suck on my hard meat. I could feel her wet saliva all over the shaft. I was meeting her bobbing head with my own small thrusts, rocking my hips back and forth. "Chechi! I'm going to come!!" I moaned. I felt my cum-sac welling up with my spunk. She moved her hand from my ass, and brought it round to cup my balls, she started to massage my tight sac, her nails digging into the skin as she took hold. "Uuughhhh!" was all I could say as my sticky white semen shot out the tip of my cock into Lalitha's waiting mouth. I held onto the back of her head with both hands as I erupted. She slurped my hot cum, working her tongue over my sensitive thread on the underside as she swallowed hard the cum gushing down her throat, gripping my throbbing cock with both hands as I rocked my body in orgasm."Ohhh.It was a terrific one," I cried out. Pleasure from masturbation was nothing compared to this. Finally my cock stopped pumping out the milky jizz, but she kept sucking, her tongue licking every last drop of cum off my dick, her whole body was red hot, she felt like she was on fire. My condition was not different. I didn't go limp at all. Moreover, I was hotter. My cock went harder and warmer. It was throbbing even more. I was looking at that perfect figure as if I was looking at it for the first time, as if I have undressed her for the first time. I forgot that I have just finished eating those magnificent boobs before getting the greatest blowjob from the sexiest girl. She was so beautiful that I just couldn't meet the thirst of her eyes. I sucked those wonderful boobs, pinched them and made her cry louder with pleasure. She also told me that she also got a fantastic orgasm while sucking my cock and taste of my cum was really a lovable one. Due to this beautiful experience I was exhausted fully but her thirsty tongue went all over my body to take the sweat drops and then she massaged my body with that perfect pair of breasts and I was ready again to explore and enjoy that terrific body. She was fully wet and ready. "I want you to fuck me with this big dick," Lalitha hissed, "I want to feel it all the way inside me." Total scene was really erotic. God, how many times had I imagined a scene like this? A hope to get what I had been dreaming for months, to explore the sexy body of my sweet teacher Lalitha. It was time to finally show her what I have fantasized about her through out all these years. I positioned myself between her legs. I could actually see her heart pounding through her chest. Slowly, I positioned my cock at her tight opening and started rubbing it slowly up and down against her. She reached between her legs to hold my cock. With her legs spread wide, she rubbed the bulbous head of my dick up and down her gaping pink slit. Her cunt lips were peeled wide open and she massaged her clit with my cock, getting both of us more excited by the second. She moved her legs wider apart to try to accommodate me. After a few moments, I felt her relax a little and pressed gently against her. I felt her grunt a little and grab hold of my back with her arms. Slowly but steadily I continued to exert pressure against her. She was tighter than my expectation and her body gives way a little and felt the head of my cock become enveloped. "Uhhhhhhnnnnnnnnn," I heard her moan as I continued to press. I continued to press into her, until, with one heavy push, my cock slid halfway into her. I heard the air rush out of her and she screamed, "Ah aah aaahh.Ohhh.I never thought is like this. I never experienced this before. " She grabbed me and pulled me close to her. Finally after a lot of effort, I was buried completely in her really tight pussy. I felt hardness pressing against my cock. She squirmed as she adjusted to the size of the cock lodged deeply inside her beautiful young body. I began to thrust in and out of her beautiful body. Then she slowly began to move her hips, grinding her clit on the fleshy pole. I then began to fuck her with hard rapid strokes, forcing her breasts to jump furiously on her chest as I powerfully rammed her cunt again and again like a piston moving inside an engine. She continued getting fucked furiously. After a few moments, she sat upright and reached one hand behind her to massage my balls. I reached up and began squeezing her breasts in my hands and Lalitha started talking dirty to me as she slid her wet cunt up and down my thick shaft. "Oh, baby, your dick feels so good inside me. It's so big and hard. You make my pussy feel so good. I want to come all over your dick," she chanted as she bounced on my dick. I started fucking her harder and Lalitha fell forward on her hands. As I thrust my pole into her tight pussy, she flung herself back so she could take all of me inside her on each stroke. I pummeled Lalitha's sweet pussy over and over again, making her squeal in obvious delight. Suddenly I flipped her over on her back. My dick popped out and Lalitha reached down desperately to grab the slick shaft and stuff it back inside her steaming pussy. Her beautiful breasts rolled back and forth on her chest like waves on the ocean as I fucked her with long strokes, pulling my cock almost all the way out before driving it back into her again. Lalitha reached down between her legs and began rapidly diddling her clit with her fingers as I fucked her, my balls slapping against her ass on each stroke. It didn't take long for both of them to go over the edge. She wrapped her legs around my back and pulled me to her as tightly as she could. She thrust her hips upwards, allowing me to drive my erupting dick over and over into her spasming cunt. I bellowed like a bull as I came, violently slamming my cock into her while I spilled my seed deeply into her belly. Lalitha's breath was coming in short gasps and she ground her pussy against me as her orgasm washed over her. "Aaah aaahh aaaahhh aaaahhh." Lalitha wailed as a series of orgasms rocked her body. Both us were really in seventh heaven and at a final beautiful moment we came together and reached a terrific climax, which she or I cannot explain. She collapsed and fallen to my chest and for a long time we just lay like that without moving, my cock throbbing inside her tightly gripping cunt. We slept like that for at least 10 minutes without uttering any words. Then slowly I got up and laid in bed Her body was full of sweat drops and while watching her beautiful naked body I got mad. I have seen sweat drops flowing from the valley of her perfect twins through the belly hair to her deep navel. While licking that from that navel she was caressing my hairs. Then she told me to change the position. She has taken my head to her lap and told me to suck that perfect twins as much as I want. I was waiting for such a request and I sucked the erected nipples one by one and bitten it slowly I eventually collapsed on top of her and Lalitha clung tightly to me. I was in heaven. I was thinking of how lucky I am to get such a perfect beauty for losing my virginity. She moved beneath me and brought me back to the here and now. She looked up at me and smiled. "I love you. Raj how you learned all this. You have taken really to extreme pleasure. I never expected this," she half-whispered. With that she reached up and hugged me. "I love you too, Lalitha, I made rehearsal of this at least 100 times in fantasy. " I replied. I was tired too much and she kept my face on her lap and given those breasts to mouth and cuddled me like a baby. I have taken that melons one by one to mouth and sucked it very hard and she enjoyed it very much. Later both us gone to Bathroom and we rested in bathtub for at least one hour by seeing each and every part of our body. While I was applying soap all over her body she was making sound due to bruises on breasts, thighs, navel area, shoulder etc while showing all this to me . I also shown her dental marks and nail marks on my shoulders and back. She looked a goddess inside the shower. We dried each other with our thirsty tongue. Really I never left not a single area of her terrific sexy body. My thirsty mouth traveled every inch of her body and she loved it too much. After our long bath while reaching bedroom, she told me to bury my face between the rich smooth valley of her super pairs. This was the great experience of a young boy. Even now we are continuing this whenever we get chance during the safe period. Otherwise we used to have oral sex only. I know this story is lengthy one but pardon me for the same. While narrating the incidents clearly it become long. So I will come with the second chapter later on.